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Shang Hai Qian Neng Nei Ran Ji You Xian Gong Si. Is the production of D114 series, 135/138 and G128 serial diesel engine of the professional enterprises, power ranging from 80 kw to 1200 kw, speed 1500 r / 1500 r, to provide users with a wide range of choices. At the same time the company won the People's Republic of China state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine bureau awarded the "national industrial production permit" and multiple related industry certification.
       Company tenet: customer first, the supremacy of credibility.

Core values

【The good faith for this】Enterprise when by the good faith as this, every successful enterprise must set up to make others trust fine quality, machinery in good faith.

【The quality of the optimization】The premise of the quality and confidence. Dry to diesel engine, through strict quality control and testing procedures, to ensure that each product to consumer satisfaction.【Science and technology innovation】The source of science and technology, quality. Create a people-oriented, high quality diesel engine is the source of each and every one of us do people power.【Business philosophy】In order to a long-term strategic perspective Innovative products and services.【Our tenet】The user first, credit first.

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