Diesel generator set price and cost analysis

摘要:Diesel generator set is widely used as an emergency backup power source. For users in different industries, the backup power source is only used sparingly. It is only used in emergency situations, but it is indispensable. Because of its hig...

        Diesel generator set is widely used as an emergency backup power source. For users in different industries, the backup power source is only used sparingly. It is only used in emergency situations, but it is indispensable. Because of its high price, the majority of users will make a comprehensive analysis of its price and use cost in combination with their own situation before purchasing a generator set, and finally decide whether it is necessary to buy a generator set, or which grade of diesel generator to buy. According to above train of thought, the whole world net undertakes an analysis from price and use cost two respects, hope to be helpful to everybody.
一、Diesel generator set price analysis
        Firstly, the diesel generator set consists of diesel engine and generator. Diesel generator set price for the brand and configuration of this two parts of different and different, the same brand diesel engine, the power of the same circumstances, to pay attention to the different generator, choose a different generator is the whole performance of the diesel generator set is different, it is important to the performance of the diesel generator set, so the user diesel generating sets to be cautious when the choose and buy, can according to their own requirements to undertake advisory to diesel generator set sales staff, so as to choose matching generators.
        Of different brand different, better resemble Swedish VOLVO engine to also call plute engine (VOLVO), but its price also is high, the price is several times of general homebred generator set. In general, daewoo (also known as doosan, which was produced after the old MAN production line was shipped to South Korea, just like MAN); Domestic quality and performance are good cummins, performance is very good, medium wood, the price is cheap without moving diesel engine, do not recommend the use of non-moving, rotten. Generator also have different brands, the best of the domestic Stanford, marathon, the price is also high, economic and practical eng generator, generator technology more mature now, the main performance is close to, need not to buy very good, but also can't sell bad, many businesses to pursue high profits and competitiveness, and use less known and inferior brand generator shoddy, users should pay attention to when buy! If you are not familiar with this aspect, you can directly specify the engle generator
        Secondly, there is a direct relationship between the price of diesel generator set and the material of diesel generator set. Now, with the rising price of raw materials such as steel and copper in the market, the price of diesel generator sets is also rising. Especially last winter, the supply of municipal power is in short supply, and many northern regions have seen the phenomenon of power rationing, which makes the price of diesel generator sets rise again and again.
          Moreover, diesel generator set is composed of many parts, the production line process is complex, so the manufacturing cost of the whole set of diesel generator set is relatively high.
        Finally, remind the majority of users to buy diesel generator set when the commonly used power and standby power, the price of diesel generator set and power has a great relationship, many agents with small charge, so when buying to pay special attention to.
二、Diesel generator set using cost analysis
        Diesel generators are not commonly used to buy back. Use it as a backup power source or as a last resort. The average kilowatt-hour is about 1 yuan and 5 yuan, which is certainly not cost-effective compared with the electricity supply. But the diesel generator set has its own advantages, is to be able to save, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents and economic losses!
      In addition, the purchase price of OEM factory is the same now, and the production cost of generator set with the same configuration is also roughly the same. There will be slight differences due to the differences of parts. So the price is also related to little, generally nearby to buy, in the future door-to-door service is convenient, if someone gives you too low quotation can be careful, some small enterprises will put the generator to rent, you buy and then renovate to you, can not see out, so in others give you too low quotation, must pay attention to. Can look for a few businessman to seek advice more price. Now the market price transparency in the industry, more consulting a few will know about the price.

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